FACT: 200 million searches are performed on the Internet every day.

FACT: 70% of consumers use search engines when making a purchase online.

You MUST trive to get your business highly ranked in the search engines, and you MUST fully engage your visitors to keep them there as long as possible, keep them coming back, and cause them to take whatever action you desire when they are there. Chances are if you could capture then engage much of the traffic generated by consumers searching within your market, you could transform your business.

The problem for most small businesses is getting then keeping this traffic without breaking the bank. That is a serious issue. How does a small business compete with large corporations with deep pockets?

The fact is you simply can't afford not to. First, failing to capture your share of search engine traffic will adversely impact your business online and will impact your bottom line.  Second, not doing enough to engage your visitors once they arrive is just as deadly.  In fact,  Google is rapidly moving towards a model that measures my second point which will have an impact on my first point, your ability to rank in the search engines.

You can pay expensive SEO experts to optimize your web page then pay their expensive ongoing fees, and they can TRY to elevate your site in the search engines. Or, you can let Singular Marketing  put together all the tools required to elevate your search engine status then teach you everything you need to do on an ongoing basis to receive your share of internet traffic.

Our service is part action and results and part training. If you choose, you can learn from us the exact steps to keep your web site elevated in the future and never pay anyone ever again, including us. Of course, if you want us to manage your web presence, we can do that also.